Breed and Groom your horse to win hearts!

Horses, being one of the elegant animals are used for various purposes from carrying the goods to competing in the races. Right from the pages of our history books, horses are being bred to deliver healthy foals that can be used in shows and competitions. Horse breeding involves selective breeding of horses to produce desired characters that are required by the handlers. The handlers, who are regular participants in horse races, specially ask for a fast running horse. This pre-requisition has led to the development of new breeds. Few of them are Thoroughbred, American quarter horse and Show jumpers. This will help the family or bloodline of the horse continue for decades to come.
Horse breeding varies from culture and time. Every country has a different method of horse breeding which is suitable to the climatic conditions that they are up to. The horses that are bred for competitive purposes are made to be born on a particular date according to every country so that the foals are of same age, maturity and size with that of the competitive horses. Before and after breeding, both the doctors and the handlers much check the condition of the horses time to time and should offer vaccinations.
The handler’s job is not over after the breeding. These horses should be groomed up for whatever purpose they are being raised for. Providing hygienic care and supporting them medically will give them a long and healthy life. Horse grooming enhances the physical appearance of a horse and gears them up for the shows and competitions. Also, grooming the horse is said to have decreased the attack of ailments in horses. A healthy horse needs a healthy skin and coat which is the notable feature that will win those prizes. Horse grooming not only improves the standard of the horses but also helps to establish a relationship between the horse and the handler.

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