Horse breeding – An effective way to make horses healthy

In olden days, nature always had the impact and an influence on breeding. Horses, being one of the less harmful animals, were less protected by man and only the strongest of them survived. If the horses witness any sign of weakness, that would threaten their entire lifestyle. With such vast technological and biological advancements, we are in a world where the natural process can be carried out by man. Horse breeding has rose sky high with such advancements. Yes, people are able to breed their horses selectively according to the need. Athletic ability, color, breed and conformation can be changed with selective breeding.
When these horses were domesticated, they were either used for transportation or to work in farms. Eventually, with the ability of the horses that can be changed through selective breeding, man thought of extracting more work from them. This is where the mix up of bloodlines, DNA’s and breeds happened. For example, a horse that walks long distances is bred with the local breed which will evolve a new breed with a combination of the characteristics of the parent horses. It is a known that that horse breeding is mainly done to refine the characteristics of these horses.
Also, horse breeding is a natural process, but one needs to know that each and every horse cannot be bred. A female horse can be bred only in a particular season. Inducing the breeding at inappropriate season would end up in other health problems for the horses. If the breeding is successful, then the female horse would give birth to a new breed 10 months later. The horses are bred according to the requirements of the owner. Before breeding, the stability and the condition of these horses need to be checked. Thus, horse breeding can be healthy if done in a proper manner.

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