Horse Grooming – A few tips to keep your favorite animal healthy

There are many proud horse owners in the country who love their pet and take good care of them. It takes a lot of time, skill and energy to keep a horse healthy and happy. One of the most important things about taking care of your horse is horse grooming. Grooming your horse does not just have physical benefits but it gives you a chance to bond with your animal.
There is a common misconception that grooming your horse means just running a brush along your horse’s body and be done with it. It is a much more tedious process than that. There are many tools involved in horse grooming and some of them are as follows. A soft rubber brush (curry comb), dandy brush, a body brush which is a softer brush made of horse hair are some of the tools that are usually used. A polishing cloth and a hoof pick are also used by owners sometimes.
The first step of grooming is currying the horse. It means that the horse is well massaged to ease the muscles and improve blood circulation. The dandy brush which is a stiff bristle brush can be used on anywhere on the body except the face. It is usually used for getting mud off the horse’s legs. The softer body brush can be used anywhere on the body to get the remaining dust off your animal. It is advisable to brush in the same direction in which the hair grows. A hoof pick can be used to clean out the debris and dust stuck under the hooves of your horse. It is a very important step of grooming as it could cause problems later. The dandy brush can be used gently on the mane and the tail but some horse owners do not pay much attention to the part and suffice with just applying some conditioner or sheen.

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