The Art of Taking Care of Horses

Horses are animals that are extremely loyal and obviously require the maximum possible care from humans. Irrespective of whether we own stables or race horses, utmost attention needs to be given in order to maintain the health of your horses for a long time to come. Horse grooming is a very vital aspect of maintaining your horse’s health. There is so much to horse grooming that it can be performed only by experts, but it is not practical to rely on external help all the time in order to take care of their horse. There are several steps to be followed in order to perform horse grooming to perfection. You must first understand that grooming is mainly done in order to bring out the natural oils on your horse’s skin. This help improves the texture of your horse’s skin and adds some shine to it as well.
To start off the process, you first have to coax your horse and make it feel comfortable so that they don’t run away or hinder you when you are grooming them. Use brushes depending on which part of the horse’s body you are grooming. For example, use a rubber curry comb initially then a body brush and for the tail area use a dandy brush and so on. Make sure these brushes are kept clean as well. Then, carefully remove the hooves from the foot and remove dirt particles. Make sure you don’t hurt the frog part; this is the softer part of the foot of the horse! To groom your horse, you have to take into consideration the weather conditions as well. For instance, if it is winter then you needn’t groom your horse too much so that you don’t strip off the oils which are used by the horse to preserve its bodily warmth.

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